KAGE Provides a developer friendly interface that helps manage your resources on the network providers. It uses AWS serverless stack and services to deliver a scalable and reliable portal.

KAGE can provision "things" (devices and gateways) for you by integrating calls that the network provider supports (Http, REST, MQTT). It will listen to events, query statistics and monitor the health of your things.

KAGE stores device information in AWS IoT; it also stores associated metadata such as the application using the device, device owner, etc.

iot ninja running
iot ninja running


Application templates provide pre-packaged code to address aspects such as security, authorisation, audit, logs, dashboards and device management. This means you can focus on the business rules of your IoT application.

For our MVP, we provide an asset tracking template we call “Shuriken”. This application is designed to be used by your end users.

It comes with a:

  • Dashboard - that shows statistics and overall health of the devices
  • Device list- that shows all devices being used by the application
  • Tracking map - that displays the location of the asset being tracked
  • Payload Parser - that decodes the binary encoded data of the device